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Hypertufa trough gardens are an English tradition. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s farmers fed their animals in stone troughs carved out of granite. There was a drain hole in them to let out the water from frequent rains. Later when the farms modernized, they gave up using these troughs but the gardeners quickly saw that they could be used to plant alpines and other favorite plants in.


Now these original troughs are scarce and expensive so light weight hypertufa troughs came to be. Using a simple mix of peat moss, vermiculite, portland cement and water in a mold, an all- weather pot of most any size can be made for planting sedums, succulents, dwarf conifers and other plants. They look very much like the old carved granite feeding troughs.


We are available to lead hypertufa trough garden demonstrations and classes. Classes of up to 10 make a fun activity at your home or garden center. Please call to make arrangements. We sell cement items including Troughs, Japanese Lanterns and Pet Cemetery Markers.

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